Into Fruition/Self Portrait (An Update)

art direction ROSA LOUISE PARKES
photography SUSAN PARKES
it's 2016! (way too late to be saying that...)

So where have I been since my last blog post? Let's get honestly here, in reality, this post was suppose to be up by the beginning of the year, but as always life throws things my way. For me life has thrown good things my way, which I am grateful for. In 2015, I'd accomplished so much, learned a lot, had new experiences, made new friends and learnt lessons along the way. Sure, I had my rough patches like things not happening as planned and situations not turning out the way I would of liked and yes it's hard not to get disheartened when stuff like that happens but as far as the year went, the good outweighed the bad. And the same goes for this year (so far), the good has ALREADY weighed out the bad.

What's the good you say? Well I recently graduated in January *hooray!!* The whole experience was crazy and surreal, wearing the cap and gown, being with my fellow class mates and celebrating are accomplishments. The moment I walked across the stage to receive my degree is when I truly felt all my hard work paid off. Seeing the proud look on my brother, sister and mother's faces was the best, it's one of those days I won't forget. Then something crazy happened, something that never really happens to anyone, like EVER.

If you speak things into the universe, they will come into fruition.
- Me

I don't think Ive mentioned it on here before but I had been doing design internships here and there (hence some absence) working for architects and fashion houses without any pay, and sure the experience is great and learning new things can help further your knowledge but at the end of the day, you need to support yourself. So I applied for jobs here and there and never got them until for one. I finally got a call for an interview, it when so well that I got called back for a second interview. The very week after I graduated (YES THE VERY WEEK AFTER) they contacted me and said I got the job. It was one of those moments where I truly felt the universe's plans for me had aligned. But after 6 months I truly felt the job wasn't for me, don't get me wrong, I learnt a lot and expanded my knowledge and skills but there is no point in staying in a job when you're not happy and it was time to move on. I've already been doing things and getting interviews since I left, so it's only onwards and upwards from here!

So 2016 has already had good things come my way but I plan to do more, learn more, go to new places, experience new things and document all of it on here. My stories, experiences and memoirs (hence the blog name, of course). Also, Im planning to start posting on my youtube channel (SUBSCRIBE HERE), I've had it for 2 years and contemplated on whether I should do it or not. Now I feel that this year will be the ideal time to try it out, I mean, why not? I do really have a feeling that great things are going to happen this year, personally as well as professionally.

So here's to the new year.

5 Current Skincare Favourites

Soooo I decided to do something a bit different. Even thought this subject favourite of mine, I hardly talk about beauty or make-up on this blog. So I want to try and incorporate and balance it out between my style posts, why not talk about it now? Better late then never! Let's get honest here, I'm not the type to use loads of products at one time. I find that it irritates my skin, I try to keep it as simple as possible and use a few products at a time. Here are my 5 current skincare favourites of the moment.
1. Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System
For ages I wanted to purchase the Clarisonic and try it out, So I did my research and found out it was a bit to pricey for my liking (tryna save money here!). So there I was browsing through amazon for cheap alternatives and I came across this. I was a bit sceptical a first but when I saw the positive reviews, I thought "Why not?" Let me just say that this is AWESOME! It really has been good for my skin and I never got that "purging stage" that people would talk about in regards to the Clarisonic. The brush head is perfect for sensitive skin, it left my skin feeling smooth and soft (and this was on the FIRST use, people!) and when using a moisturiser afterwards, I really felt the product sink into the skin more. I use it once every other week as I feel using twice a week would be too excessive. It also comes with the Olay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser. I guess your supposed to use together, but I just use the cleanser on it's own from time to time. I highly recommend!
2. LUSH Vanishing Cream
Hands down, one of the best creams I've ever used. Ever since I got a sample of this stuff and used it for the first time, I knew I had to get more. The biggest problem for me when using face moisturisers is that by the middle of the day my face would end up being so greasy and shiny (the struggle was so real). But with using this, I NEVER get greasy and my skin still stays moisturised and mattified at the same time! How it that even possible!? It's also perfect for using before you apply your make-up. It's seriously a game changer.
3. Johnson's Baby Naturals Intense Moisture Cream
This has been a favourite of mine for years now, but I kinda forgot about it until I saw it in my local chemist the other day and decided to purchase it again. I forgot how much I love this stuff, it's a really good overall moisturiser for the skin and when you rub it in, it doesn't leave you feeling dry nor does it leave you feeling greasy, it leaves the right amount of moisture and smells freaking amazing.
4. Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser
This product was actually recommended to me by a dermatologist and I'm glad she did. This is such a good face cleanser, it really gets all the dirt and grease off your face while still being super gentle to the skin. Also it's a really good make-up remover. I use this twice a day; in the morning and before I go to bed, it just leaves the skin feeling refreshed and squeaky clean, I heart this stuff.
5. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter
Last but defiantly not least! This is one of my favourite body butter's, especially around the winter time. It's just has such a nice richness, the smell is amazing (and lasts all day...seriously it does) and it's got a thick, creamy consistency to make you feel more than moisturised which is defiantly needed around this time of year. I think I like this one a little bit better than the coco-butter. Ether way you can never go wrong with a body butter from the body shop.

So those where my current skincare favourites, I'll definitely will be doing more of these. What skincare bits have you been loving recently? Have you tried any of the products mentioned? Until next time! :)

The Camel Blazer

Finally, I'm back with a new post. It's been 2 weeks and boy did time fly. Not gonna lie, I got lazy, procrastinated a bit and had a little bit of writers block but now it's all good. For the look, as always I kept it clean, casual and simple. As per usual, I stick to the basics so I thought a simple turtle neck would do the trick. I borrowed the blazer jacket from my mother, she has an awesome collection of vintage clothing from back in her day. To be honest none of the items she has have ever gone out of style, which is awesome! Lastly, I'm always trying to incorporate my good old trusty vans into an outfit, seriously, there one of my favourite trainers to wear.
Blazer: Vintage (Mother's) / Jumper: Uniqlo / Jeans: Primark / Shoes: Vans

Black, Brown & Beige Shades

Who said black and brown couldn't be worn together? They're the quintessential fall colours! I personally never really listen to the "rules" of what to wear and sometimes rules are made to be broken, so why not? Do what you want, life's too short. Yes, I finally changed things up photography and location wise, I said I would in my last blog post. If you keep having the same old, same old things can get pretty boring and repetivite. Oh, and another thing... I FINALLY purchased a tripod! Long over due to be honest, so expect better photography and aesthetically pleasing shots in my up and coming blog posts!

Hat: H&M / Leather Jacket: New Look / Shirt: Primark / Jeans: Primark / Shoes: Vans